Full Spectrum CBD Oil 350mg Unflavored

• 350mg Unflavored CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil

• Dropper included in every bottle

•  Quality CBD without fillers, additives, or dyes

• 100% Organic CBD you can trust

• Full Spectrum CBD

•  Natural “hempy” taste

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Hummingbird Botanicals 1500mg Hemp CBD Oil: Unflavored
Our 350mg blend is a unique formulation of hemp flower extract in its natural flavor.  We always ensure that all of our hemp comes from organically grown flower to deliver the most potent product to you.
What is in this bottle?
350mg of CBD in each bottle made from organically grown full spectrum hemp extract. Each full dropper is one full dose of 50mg.  This bottle is our Unflavored CBD, handcrafted with love in Colorado.

We truly believe our hemp oil is the healthiest, cleanest, most effective on the market.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil CBD extract: (350mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce)

• Organic MCT Oil

All of our CBD comes from hemp flower.

30 total servings per bottle.

Each serving size is 11.66mg of CBD.

What is the proper dosage and serving size?
• Place the desired dosage under your tongue for 30 seconds

• Then swallow the remaining CBD

• Allow yourself to relax and enjoy your day

You can play around with different dosage amounts depending on how it makes you feel and what you are using it for.  Feel free to try less or more.  You can also try taking it in the morning and/or the evening to experiment with different times.   

Quality in Every Bottle
Hummingbird Botanicals CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is made from USDA Organically grown hemp and is 3rd party tested for residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and mold.  We believe in regenerative, no till farming practices to create the best plants possible.

As dedicated herbalists we ensure that each bottle is carefully crafted with only the highest quality ingredients.  This has been one of our most important missions when we started our company.

Which size oil is right for me?

Each bottle contains the same amazing CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

350mg-best for sensitive individuals or for pets.

750mg-this is a nice medium balance between the two strengths.

1500mg-best for longterm use and maximizing value.

If you are new to CBD oil, we usually recommend starting our with a 750mg.  This will allow you to take less or more if need be.

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CBD Crafted with Care

As dedicated herbalists, our most important mission is to ensure that each bottle is carefully crafted with only the highest quality ingredients.

We have formulated our products to ensure that they come from an Organic farm using regenerative farming practices to enrich the soil and the plants.

Customer Reviews

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I love this product!

I love this product! I have tried a few others without great success but this one has helped me manage my stress a lot. I am a more sensitive person and don't need a larger dose.